To Be Stylish Always And Everywhere Is Easy!

According to the rhythm of life, we are comparable to the classical Figaro, which is "here and there." The house is replaced by work, friendly gatherings - shopping, and a night club - long trips. As a rule, the regularity here is this: the more goals, interests and hobbies, the more places you have to visit. And almost everywhere you need to be able to present yourself at the highest level, in which the individual style of clothing plays an important role.

How to always look female and stylish? Especially the modern lady, leading an active lifestyle? The procedure womens-tops look at here now is roughly the following. Initially, you need to make a list of those places where the girl often happens. And then you can proceed to adjust your wardrobe and appearance to their features, pick up a dress, women's pants or a suit.

In this case, you can go in two main ways. The first of these is to invent something yourself, achieving the desired result by trial and error. The good side of this path is the opportunity to create your own unique style, to which nothing like this was in sight. However, most likely, this process will be especially long. And the risk of hitting the face in the mud is also quite large, that the reputation of a true lady is completely useless.

The second way is more simple and effective. There is practically no need to invent anything now. In extreme cases, there may be a need to bring a couple of individual finishing touches in the selection of women's clothing. The fact is that there are long-rolled back schemes for creating an elegant style that you just need to take and apply in your own life. We will talk about them further.

Study, work, career

What can be common between study and work? That's right - a dress code that nobody canceled. However, if we take this circumstance not as punishment, but as an opportunity to create the image of a serious business girl, then everything immediately begins to be seen in more rosy colors. And believe me: there are many opportunities for moderate creative work.

A win-win option is an imperishable classic in the form of a trouser female costume in combination with a white shirt. But if you all this officialdom is completely foreign, then pants can be replaced with traditional dark blue jeans. The main thing is that the waist at them was "normal", that is high (and not the one from which part of the priests in the string gets out).

Communication with friends

Hanging out with friends in a cafe or a club is a completely different matter. It becomes appropriate to use any options that only come to mind. The only restrictions are the well-known limits of decency, as well as the rules adopted in this particular institution.

For this pastime, even different multi-layered sets or skirts of incredible width will do. You can also play on contrasts. In a word, in such cases practically everything that is not welcomed at work or place of study is allowed.

Personal life

Even if a date with a beloved man takes place in the same club, café or restaurant, where you recently spent the evening with your girlfriends, the approach to choosing clothes should still be different. Here already comes the turn of mystery and elegance. What can help in this? Thin stockings, high-heeled shoes, a refined female dress, a case and some bright element (for example, a brooch). It is possible that all this in the complex will produce the desired effect on your chosen one. It is also possible that due to such stylistic decisions he will perceive you as a standard of style.

However, if the meeting place obliges you to dress simpler, then there is a way out. You just need to go in a different way to choosing a wardrobe. A semi-transparent blouse and ordinary trousers coupled with a thin cardigan is a reasonable compromise between convenience and a sense of style.

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